Helvetia Community Fair
[Main Street]
P.O. Box 1
Helvetia, WV 26224

Directions to Helvetia:

There are two paved roads that lead to Helvetia. One comes in from the west off Rt. 20 south of Buckhannon at the West Virginia Wildlife Center and the other from the east off Rt. 250 in Mill Creek. If you are adventurous, the WV highway map shows other roads from Diana, Holly River Sate Park and Kumbrabow State Forest. These scenic back roads are negotiable by car but are much slower.

Cell phone coverage is virtually nonexistent in Helvetia. If you need to make a call while in Helvetia, there is a pay phone next to the Star Band Hall.

NOTE: If you wish to use GPS, type in the Hutte Restaurant, Helvetia, WV as your destination. Familiarize yourself with the routes described below and only use your GPS as a general guide. Sometimes the GPS sends you on the more rural routes that are a shorter distance but take longer due to the nature of the road.

Helvetia is approximately 1 hour from Buckhannon or Elkins, and 2ΒΌ hours from Charleston or Morgantown.

From Morgantown & North: I-79 to Weston Exit 99 merge onto US33 E /US119 N toward Buckhannon/Elkins. Take Rt 33 East to Buckhannon. Take Rt. 20 South 12 miles to West Virginia Wildlife Center, turn left onto Alexander/Helvetia Road. Follow signs staying on main road for 20 miles to Helvetia.

From Elkins: Rt. 219 South 16 miles to Mill Creek, turn right onto Mill Street. Follow signs for 20 miles to Helvetia.

From Charleston & South: I-79N to Flatwoods exit 67. Take Rt. 19 North 20 miles to Ireland then Rt. 4 East (toward Rock Cave). Go 6 miles through Rock Cave to the West Virginia Wildlife Center, turn right on the Alexander/Helvetia Road. Follow signs 20 miles to Helvetia.