The Helvetia Community Fair Association was organized through the efforts of the Farm Club in 1913 and has been celebrated ever since outside of four years during the World Wars when the fair was canceled.

Since the first Fair, Exhibits have been a central part of the celebration. As the world continues to modernize, and as time changes our community, we take pride in holding on to the tradition of sharing our bounties and harvest. Visit the Exhibits to see what we are growing and creating. Here you will find our connection to the land, to each other, and to our passions and hopes. It is the quickest way to understand who we are as active members of Helvetia.


For display uniformity, please adhere to the category’s recommendations. Entries that are damaged spoiled or in any manner non-exhibitable will not be judged, and the reason will be noted on the entry tag.  All articles will be judged by rules governing other fairs with the following exception: any entry that is the only entry in its category will automatically receive first prize, provided it is of judgeable quality.

All entries must be entered and placed before noon Friday for judging.

You can find a list of categories here in our Fair Book. Download it if you like!